1.      From the side menu, select Residents & Guests > Lease Renewal > Add Lease Proposal Batch. The Renewal Proposal Filter appears.

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2.      Complete the following fields:




Type or select property code


Select your name from the list of available agents

Batch Description

Enter the property code and date of lease expirations; leave default user name and date stamp as is. Note DO NOT hit “Enter” key in the description box


Select the status of the residents you wish to include in the proposal; usually select all. To select multiple press and hold Ctrl key and click on the appropriate status description

lease expiration

Enter the lease expiration date range

Include MTM?

Unless you are creating a MTM proposal batch, select Exclude

Include Specials?

Leave unchecked unless you are offering Renewal Rent Specials

Update Rentable Items to Market Rent?

Select Yes to increase rentable item charges at renewal or select No to keep rentable items charges as is. For example, if the garage/storage/parking fees increased recently, you’d want to bring all residents who have those particular rentable items to the new market rent

Proposal Exp. Date

Enter the date value which is 5 days after the renewal batch expiration date. This is very important especially for MTM proposals because the Lease From Date of the proposal defaults to current date.


3.      Click Submit. The Bulk Proposal screen appears.

When the Bulk Proposal screen appears, all the leases are selected for renewal by default. Each line in the table represents a lease that will expire within the specifies time-frame and the proposals that the system will create for it. You can deselect individual leases by clearing the Renew check box, or you can use the Uncheck All button to deselect all the leases.

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4.      To edit the proposals for a specific resident, click the Edit button. The bottom of the screen displays a details section for that resident. The bottom of the screen displays the resident’s proposal.

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a.      Click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, in the row corresponding to the resident’s proposal. The Lease Proposal screen appears.

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b.      In the Lease Proposal section, Confirm/Edit (if MTM) the Lease From Date.

c.       If you want to change resident’s rent amount, first, if must be approved by the Regional Manager or VP. Click the Edit button in the rent lease charge row. The Renewal Override screen appears. Type the new rent amount in the New Proposed Rent field, always include the reason for the change in the Notes field, then click Save.


d.      On the Lease Proposal screen, click Save.

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5.      On the Bulk Proposal screen, click Save to save the changes made.


6.      Click Post to approve and create a proposal. The proposal batch will automatically get Approved.

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A confirmation message will appear.

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After Posting the Renewal Proposal Batch, generate the Lease Renewal Status Report and save it on your Prop/Lease Renewals folder and keep for weekly updates.