These instructions are to be followed for each computer that uses a check scanner for Yardi Voyager.

Download CheckScan App:

1.      Using Chrome- From Yardi Voyager – Residential Role

2.      Click on Dashboards – CheckScan

3.      Once dashboard is open, click on

“Download Windows CHECKscan App”
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4.      Installation will appear on the bottom of your browser – click to open

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5.      The installation wizard screen appears – click Next

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Click Next

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7.      Click INSTALL

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 8.      During installation, the status screen will appear until complete.

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9.      When prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” – Click YES

10.   Once complete, click FINISH

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11.   The Yardi Systems CHECKscan shortcut should appear on your desktop screen

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Double-click on the shortcut.  The CHECKscan Windows application launches in a Windows program screen and you are prompted to enter your Voyager URL.  

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13.   The Voyager Logon screen opens – Complete with your Username and Password and Login

14.   The CheckScan Dashboard screen opens

a.      Click New Batch

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b.      the CHECKscan screen opens

c.       In the Scanner Field - click the dropdown and select PANINI or TELLERSCAN, depending on your model

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d.      Click the Open/Test button Image Placeholder

The scanner may make a noise and, depending on the make and model of the scanner, a light may light up on the scanner. In this case, you are ready to scan checks.


If a message appears that says “failed to open scanner”, perform the following troubleshooting tasks:

• Confirm that the power cable is properly connected to the check scanner.

• Confirm that the USB cable connecting the scanner to the PC is properly connected.

• Close all browsers and close the standalone CHECKscan Windows application.

• Restart the computer.

a.      Click the Open/Test scanner button. If, after performing these troubleshooting steps the scanner does not make a noise and light up, put in a ticket to the IT Helpdesk with all the specifics.